Saturday, November 21, 2009


I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted. Since I last posted, my oldest son left home and is testing the waters of a "real life." I haven't heard much from him but my thoughts are frequently with him.

My other children are blossoming at school and enjoying their lives. We enjoyed Halloween and are preparing for the upcoming holidays. UMMM - Thanksgiving sounds soooo wonderful (plus time off of work!)

I have turned 40 and have reflected on my past and am looking forward to my future. I know where I am headed - now I just have to get there. My thoughts always lead me back to staying home and taking care of my family. There has to be a way . . . . Well, I have lots of time to work on this.

Thanksgiving is bound to be fun this year. Last year, JC was so sick and was getting his tonsils, and adnoids removed and got tubes put in his ears. Then he got bronchitis. He missed almost a whole month of school. The surgery was a success. He can hear and is excelling at school. He keeps telling us how last year he didn't get to eat turkey so this year he wants doubles!

Following close behind is Christmas. My dear friends always provide me with a countdown and I am at the panic mode because the Stay-home mom in me would so be done with her crafts by now. But the Working mama in me is just not there yet!

So I'm off to make menus, clean the house, and get some crafting in before I decide to put it all off until next years Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Til next time,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My family

Well, I have decided that this is the way for me to keep track of all the special moments in the season's of my life. Having 7 children, I always seem to start a journal but not be able to commit to writing often. So since the computer is in my face almost every evening when I am checking email, and catching up with the outside world, I figure this is going to be the best way to keep track of everything.

Now so that everyone can get up to speed on my family life -

I am a single mom of 7 children - 4 boys, 3 girls. Ages 17 - 3. I didn't think I would be single having to raise 7 children but I would much rather raise them on my own than live with the man that I didn't know I married!

I have moved from up north to the south. There are no seasons here - just sunshine (and occasionally rain!) As my girlfriends say - nothing better than a little sunshine to keep your mood up.

I have gone from a working girl to a working mom. From a working mom to a stay home mom (for 15 years). From a stay home mom to a working mom again! I see the benefits of both. But if I had my choice, I would definitely be a stay home mom. (Another benefit to this blog - recording all the moments that I do get to see!)
Thank goodness for family - while I work my parents take care of my kids. It can be frustrating at times for them as they are suppose to be in retirement. But my kids have developed a strong bond with them and they are having moments that they will remember for a lifetime!

So there you have it. A summary of my family. I look forward to sharing my seasons with everyone.


Susan, Mom of 7