Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Okay! I was over at One Simple Country Girl who is having a wonderful giveaway.
She wants you to leave her a comment and post her giveaway to your blog.
Sound easy right?!
Well, I have tried unsuccessfully to create a link to her page and have instead become quite frustrated. So I have given up trying to post with the picture she has
(which is quite cute by the way!)
And I am going to tell you to just find her blog, head to her page and enter her contest!
Sorry, I'm not much help but you just have to go there and see her cute giveaway.
Her blog is great too! I took one look and became a follower.
Now if only as a newbie to blogging, I could figure out how to link to other blogs!
Oh well, it was fun for the experience even if I don't win!

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