Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

Well, I have once again been slacking in the blog department - but I have a good excuse right? Christmas, New Years, recovering from Christmas, and New Years.

(Note the rolls of wrapping paper beside the wrapped presents

- yes "Santa" did remove them before Christmas morning)

Okay, maybe not the best excuses but when you see the faces on my babies maybe you will forgive me.

They were so excited and couldn't wait to see what Santa would bring them.

Needless to say they were thrilled with their presents and have played nonstop since Christmas Day. These pictures will be posted in a later blog because tonight after cleaning the whole house, getting the kids ready to go back to school tomorrow, and getting myself ready for work tomorrow - this chick has had it for the day. More pictures and news to follow as we get back into a comfortable routine for my seven.

With blessings,



  1. Hi, just wanted to let you know I came over to check out your new blog & your family! Welcome to the bloggin world! Nice to see someone else out there trying to make it though!!

  2. Hello Suzy! I would love to send you some fabric. But I need your address. Can you e-mail it to me?

    Melissa Stramel